Tuesday, July 8, 2008

All wrong, all wrong!

Last night, right after I finished my first Jaywalker, I made a devastating discovery. It shattered everything I previously thought I knew about knitting. Shook me straight to the core.

I've been knitting wrong. Incorrectly. It's why my decreases don't always look right, why my stockinette has a sad tendency to lean to the side. I suppose it's the result of having learned to knit from my mother, who is right handed (I'm left-handed) and who also knits sorta upside-down and backwards. No surprise I learned to do it wrong. I'm surprised I learned how to make a fabric at all, considering the extenuating circumstances. The problem is, I've been twisting my stitches when I knit by yo'ing the wrong direction. Who knew? A spark of insight and brief experimentation revealed the problem, and now I'm whizzing away on a (much improved) second Jaywalker. The fabric is smoother and stretchier and softer. Go figure.

It's a new birth. A personal Renaissance. A whole new way to look at life, er, knitting. I like knitting even more than I did before. Now not only do I know how to do all the shaping and decreases, I can do them CORRECTLY. I'm off to celebrate my new-found skills!


Anonymous said...

Haha don't worry, I have multiple flaws with the way I knit! I've been able to correct most of them (I corrected my k2tog's just the other day!) but I still do something kind of funky...most people generally hold their yarn across the back so that their needle can just grab it to make a stitch, but I hold it the opposite direction and then wrap it around. I've tried the regular way but it just never works -- it feels uncomfortable! I can still knit very fast with it, though, so I guess it all works out! I've been knitting for nine years now, too. D:

Merenwen said...

That's like me and ribbing... it was a disaster until my mom helped me.