Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cream & Spice

This was a stash-busting project. I designed this little bag for myself when I couldn't find THE perfect pattern on Ravelry. This is completely different than I originally envisioned, but way better.
I simply crocheted two rectangles with a strand of Bernat Soy and Lion Brand Trellis held together, size H hook. I then crocheted around the edges of each with a G and a single strand of Soy - a nice thick border to make it look neat. I then sc'd these two rectangles, right sides together, across their width and folded it with seams in the middle of the front and back, as shown. Add a flat bottom, a handle, and a little extra spice around the curvy top, and it's finished. This one may get a lining later on, but for now I like it the way it is. The fabric is dense enough to prevent losing loose change, and it's the perfect size for the essentials - keys, checkbook, drivers' license, and you're all set.


Merenwen said...

It's a shame I can't crochet - that bag looks interesting! :)

Anonymous said...

That is so pretty! I always wonder what to do with ribbon/ladder yarns, but never though of using it as a carry-along in a bag :D

Anonymous said...

this is very cute! good job!