Sunday, April 18, 2010

A different kind of stitch.

I've been AWOL for quite a stretch, haven't I? I've actually been working on quite a few other projects - namely, school. This is my first semester as a journalism major. I love it! But it keeps me insanely busy. Two more weeks of classes, one week of finals, and I'll be home free. I have been knitting. Sometime since the last time I posted, I started a Forest Canopy shawl - my first lace shawl - that I got pretty excited about, but I stopped working on it sometime around mid-terms, and I'm fairly sure I have forgotten the pattern. I'll probably have to pull out a few hairs when I go back to it with the instructions to try to figure out where I left off. 

In the  meantime, I've been taking different kinds of stitches. Embroidered ones. 

I need to work on some of the details, but it's a fun concept. :)  

I think there's an Elvis and a Michael Jackson in my needlework future, as well. Fun times. 


lara griffiths said...

hey blogger vacation allowed. we all over commit. i absolutely love your embroidery.

A Homely Heroine said...

fantasic, I love the people, I've never thought to do that...