Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Groovy! Atlantic Waves

No, I'm not vacationing on the beach. I'm working on a new pair of socks, which I've named Atlantic Waves, which also happens to be the colorway of this gorgeous handdyed yarn. Seafoam green, aqua, turqouise, sky blue, and teal make up this totally wonderful, bright, wavy pattern (Groovy Socks, by Carolyn Dlugy-Hegwer. Even the pattern name is awesome!) And it's coming along REALLY quickly. Actually, I had hoped that these socks would take awhile to make - hopefully to pass the time between now and when college starts, or when I get to go visit the campus. But I think these are going to be done very soon. I just can't seem to put them down. They're addictive. I did half of the cuff last night, and this morning I've finished the cuff and turned the short-row heel.
Did I mention that I have a newfound love for short row heels? Yup. They're incredible! No counting rows for the heel flap or picking up stitches for the gusset... just a few clever wrapped stitches, and voila! There's a heel, faster, easier to execute and less bulky than I ever though possible. Whoever dreamed this up was ingenius. Better than sliced bread, I tell you. And much more enjoyable. Okay, maybe not more enjoyable than really fresh homemade garlic bread, with butter and dill and... I digress. My point is, I don't know if I'll ever do the old-fashioned kind of heel ever again.


rainin9 said...

Wow, I really like your yarn. The colours are so pretty! Heh.. :)

Anonymous said...

That yarn is such a refreshing color, perfect for a seaside knit. Congrats on discovering short row heels. Sandra Singh

Jolynn said...

I am in love with this colorway! ^_^

Your socks are looking fabulous!

A Homely Heroine said...

gorgeous socks, I'm a big fan of short rows as well, to me that is the proper way that socks should look : ) lovely colours too!