Friday, July 11, 2008

Yay, Yarn

I just found out yesterday evening that I won Coveted Yarn's Newborn Hat Contest with the 50 hats I made for my Charity Hats Project! That means I now have a $50 gift certificate for yarn from their online store. Yip-eeee! Well, sort of. Now, I have to decide which yarn to BUY with that gift certificate, which is proving to be a huge challenge. Sigh. My immediate thought was, Yeah! I can make the cardi I've been wanting! After just a few minutes of browsing Coveted Yarn's shop, though, I realized how unlikely that was. They have very, very, nice, pricey yarn. So I'll probably end up with a scarf, or maybe a laceweight shawl. One one hand, I know I'd wear a scarf. On the other hand, I'd love to make a luxurious silk shawl with a pattern that would show off my stitching abilities. But I'm a little scared that I'd finish it and it'd be gorgeous and I wouldn't ever wear it. So. I could always get yarn for a nice cashmere scarf and some Tofutsies for a fun pair of socks, and leave it at that. I just don't know. ARGGGH!


laurel said...

Hi there,
I am the other half of coveted yarn. I just wanted to let you know that even though the yarn is pricey (no argument there) don't forget to look at the yardage. Many of the fibers come in huge skeins. You probably could get enough for a sweater or shawl depending on the fiber you pick.


Steffi said...

Thanks, Laurel. I noticed that. Every time I think I've made up my mind, I think of something else... I decide on the Blue Heron Egyptian Cotton, then think I want some Andrea, then lean towards the Prima.... it's just going to take me awhile, I fear. :)

Merenwen said...

I just got a bunch of yarn myself, including eight balls of bright orange heavy worsted/chunky. I was going to use half of it to make a scarf for my cousin, but I decided to make a different scarf for him(the Josh's Triforce Scarf on Ravelry) so I'll probably use the chunky for a vest of some sort.

Good luck with the yarn shopping! :)