Friday, November 7, 2008

A Handcrafted Christmas

Let Us Keep Christmas
By Grace Noll Crowell
Whatever else be lost among the years,
Let us keep Christmas still a shining thing;
Whatever doubts assail us, or what fears,
Let us hold close one day, remembering
It's poignant meaning for the hearts of men.
Let us get back our childlike faith again.

Listed below are some fabulous links I have found for handmade gift ideas - knitted, crocheted, sewn, or otherwise crafted by hand with love for friends and family. Please, don't let your gift giving become mechanical this year. Put your heart and soul into everything you do. You won't regret it.

1. WhipUp: Handcraft in a Hectic World. Contains lots of tutorials and unique ideas. I especially like their slipper page. Knitted Mary Janes + Funky colors = Genius! Couple your handknit footies with an indulgent rice bag - make sure you scroll down and check out the eye pillow on the same page, as well!

2. Sew, Mama, Sew! Huge resource with super-cute ideas. I had no idea that you can make an adorable pincushion out of a repurposed bottle cap!

3. Gifts in a Jar. There are dozens of wonderful ideas here! I think I'm going to have to try the Bavarian Mint Flavored Coffee. Maybe gift it with some clever chocolate spoons? And check out this - not your grandma's jam jar topper. Some simple adaptations - jingle bells, anyone? - and you've got the perfect finishing touch for your gift.

4. Handmade Homeschool has many inspiring ideas and tips on organizing your handmade gift lists. Not to mention the yummy pictures!

5. FamilyFun has a multitude of incredible cute projects and ideas with step-by-step instructions.

6. Don't forget to pamper yourself this Christmas season! Take time to bask in the loveliness of this amazing time. Good quality chocolate doesn't hurt the process.


Lupie said...

Thank you so much for the great Links!!!!
The prescription bottle idea is awesome! I take lots of meds and alway wantes something to do with all those bottles.

Fran said...

Awesome list. I especially like #6! ;)