Friday, January 9, 2009

Baby Knitting

More baby knits! I almost enjoy it too much.

This is a little afghan I finished yesterday night. It was knitted with less than one skein of Bernat Baby Boucle. I could have made it bigger but the pattern is so mind-numbing that I wanted to be done with it. I added two rows of single crochet border and a dark blue crocheted edging that looks like embroidered blanket stitch. It turned out cute. I love the texture. Not my favorite yarn, but once again, it had to be washable. At least it's soft and somewhat squishy.

This would be a good pattern to work on while reading or watching TV.

And... a pair of little bitty baby socks to top it all off. I don't remember what pattern I used for these; I made them a little over a month ago. Leftover yarn from my Groovy socks - handpainted superwash! Yay!


crochetcollection said...

Your baby afghan is so pretty! And I <3 the socks, they are absolutely darling!

Merenwen said...

The afghan looks like our Scouts blanket :p And the baby socks are quite cute. I still have a baby cardigan to finish...

Lupie said...

The afghan looks soft and comfy for a lucky baby!

Sanguiknity said...

Yay for being a fearless knitter! You are so brave... I have yet to knit my first socks or garment of any kind, but I just bought enough yarn for a jacket that I really want to make... so we'll see!

(The color on the socks are awesome!!)