Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Hey, guys! I'm still here - really, I do remember that I have a blog, I've just been SOOOO busy lately. I took an additional part-time job, so now I'm working two part-time positions (one retail, one food service) AND trying to keep up with my twelve college course hours that I'm taking this semester. I thought it was going to be so easy! MmmmmHmmmm.

Well, anyway. At last count, I had forty-one baby hats done for charity (Coveted Yarn Company's baby hat contest), and they'll be packaged up to mail up to New England by tomorrow (hopefully). I'll take pictures after I have all the ends woven in. At the beginning of this year I challenged myself to knit three hundred baby hats and crochet three hundred baby hats for charity. Not necessarily all in this year, but maybe in the next two years. I'm excited to see how long it takes. Baby things are so fun. :)

Now for the news! I'm leaving for Corpus Christi, Texas on Saturday. I'm so excited! Just to have my feet on Texas soil again will be wonderful, but on top of that I'll be at the beach for the entire spring break week, soakin' up the sun. I'm actually going to see my dad for the first time in six years. It's bound to be an interesting week, so I'd appreciate y'all's prayers. :)

Now to decide what to knit on the flight. I'll probably have a panic attack if they try to confiscate my needles.


Coveted Yarn said...

You are incredible with those baby hats! Thanks so much.

When you go to the airport bring a self addressed prepaid envelope that will fit your needles just in case. TSA reserves the right to confiscate anything at any time.

Good luck with your dad.
You'll never know how to get to where you want to be if you don't know where you came from.

lara griffiths said...

welcome home! you know it is raining cats and dogs here in san antonio. my family is visiting this week and came completely unprepared for weather in the 50's and rain! i hope you have better luck in cc.

cant wait to see pics of the hats. what a truly wonderful you are doing!

Lupie said...

Can't wait to hear about your trip!
Hope you have picture because I've never been to Texas.