Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Full-Time Travel

I must be crazy, because a little over a month ago I quit two jobs to go on the road delivering phone books. Call it wanderlust, itchy feet, cabin fever, youth, or stupidity, I decided that I couldn't be tied down to schedules or hours any longer. Then I realized that, unlike many people, I had the luxury of stepping right out of it without any enduring consequences. So I stepped out of my very orderly life and into... well, more on what I stepped into later.

In the past month I've been in Chicago, Illinois (awesome city! I MUST go back!), Gallipolis, OH, back home to Greenville for about 48 hours, then to Madison, AL, where I am now. Here's some evidence that I have been where I say I have:
Chicago! Picture taken from the Ferris wheel on Navy Pier. Aaaand...

Point Pleasant, WV, right across the Ohio River from the hotel.

And we drove every mile of the trip. I've found a couple of incredible yarn shops (though, at this point in my knitterly development, all yarn shops are awesome because I've had so little experience with them) and some incredibly great burger places. But I haven't gotten a lot of knitting/crocheting done. In fact, this is about it:
One owlet.

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