Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sparkleball Mania and Christmas Spirit

A sparkleball begins with dozens of plastic drinking cups, a soldering iron, and a string of Christmas lights.

Until yesterday, I had only a shady idea of what a soldering iron was. You don't use them much in the fiber arts, you know? But a compelling desire to make a sparkleball of my very own inspired me to go all out for this project. That's me, looking up with mild annoyance as Mom interrupts my strategic plastic-cup-sculptery.

The assembly is fun.

And - the finished object: behold the sparkle.

For more information on the magic of sparkleballs, check out .

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1 comment:

masonsgranny59 said...

wow wtg!
looks like you did a fine job:)i started making them years ago but I had 2 start them on my own after seeing one without directions so I made some mistakes along the way:)